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About Our Services

Pickled Pepper is a creative agency, based in London and  Barcelona.

We are an agency who specialise in rapid prototyping, UX / UI consultancy and digital design.

Rapid Prototyping

Our ambitious Programme enables you to challenge all of your assumptions and equips you with a tried a tested prototype which you can take on to progress your business.

This runs for five days and kicks off with an exploration workshop, where we really get to grips with your idea, your goals and your customers. 

Once we’ve got all of this good stuff we launch headfirst into the prototype design.

We wrap up the week by gaining real customer insight during our screening sessions so that you know if your idea has legs.

Workshops & Consultancy

Post-its galore! We use tried and trusted techniques, in an immersive environment, to get the cogs moving.

From developing an idea into reality to tackling those tricky problems, our fully facilitated workshops get deep down into the issues and deliver outcomes that work.

During our consultancy, we aim to spark ambition and create last change that drives innovation throughout your business.

We help companies move out of stagnation and into a place where everything is possible.


Powerful design, underpinned by solid strategy.

User experience is the foundation of all great digital design. Our UX & UI specialists look at the facts first. From data to targets we make sure every action your customers perform is intuitive, purposeful and gets you results.


We get under the skin of your business and build brands that your customers want to engage with. We’ll take your brand’s personality, your tone of voice and then build a visual identity which tells your story.

Digital Design

Beautifully crafted digital design to wow your customers. Once we’ve cracked the User Experience, we’ll work tirelessly to get the aesthetics on point, so that your digital space is a place for your customers to enjoy.

Digital Development

From taking your prototype to the next level, starting the journey to MVP (Minimum Viable Product), showcasing your business online, to sprucing up your existing site we’ll make sure that your digital presence is on point.

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